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Longyou Shenyu Bamboo Plywood Co.,Ltd is a factory specialized in manufacturing bamboo plywood.
Bamboo is one fast-growth plant distributed mainly in china southen. Compare with wood and steel material,the Bamboo Plywood take advantages of cheaper price,longer cycle of reuse,better intensity and son on.These products can replace the wood and steeel partes in many products.our main product including:pallets for brick/block machine,bamboo pallet,special bamboo plywood for railway,seine boat board,construction formwork,container flooring and vehicle platform floor.
the special bamboo plywood for railway refer to:train center board,top and lining board,dining and baggage carriage filter....
 4railway supplies(rail wagon)
 4railway supplies(railroad car)
 4container flooring
 4bamboo pallets
 4truck/trailer flooring
 4seine boat board
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